Founded in 2020 to Create Shared Online Experiences

Streamline Groups is a diversified technology and gaming holding company that specalises in using optimum expertise to develop digital solutions that serves specific IT requirements, provide advanced service and innovate new platforms with cutting edge technologies. Streamline Groups is a mother company with three subs, each with one dedicated specialty under the name of Streamline Development, Streamline Gaming and Streamline Studios.

Founded in 2020, Streamline Groups is a diversified technology and gaming holding company.

As an authority in the world of Information Technology (IT) and IT Enabled Services, we focus on web and bot development, gaming, media, design, and production. Our great expertise, commitment, and innovative mindset are tools for developing new business models, networks, and partnerships.

Our people-first perspective makes us a committed partner to our clients. With transparency in communication and quick responsiveness, we retain our clients and, in the same vein, invite prospective businesses to drive them to success and more profits while helping them build a credible and respected business brand.

We are versatile and optimistic when it comes to technology and experience creation. We have a wealth of experienced tech professionals highly skilled in transforming imaginations and fresh ideas into brilliant business solutions. We also use most modern technologies with a high-level proficiency and smart touch in the development of our digital products, which stands us out amongst other competitors.

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